Category: Driving

3D racer made no plugins part of a work in progress towards doing 3D games with Construct 2. More 3D demos with be coming in the future .Has PC and mobile controlsPCLeft arrow move [...]
jumpNrunstyleit´s fun and addictave and U need 2 try it out now and give me 5 stars.. on the raggar-jump-button 2 jump, click on [...]
In this fourth game, you have to use the [Mouse] to move the player around. The goal is to survive for as long as possible, which means dodging the level that scrolls past. There i [...]
Jump over obstacle and finish track this is a shader test game; all fx done with shader fx.Green bar mean jump force; Red mean Speed.. good LuckSpace To PlayArrows Control PlayerEn [...]
Game Developed by the company Bahamut Indie Games , this is a very difficult game where you run and tries arrive as quickly as possible in the next bar, dodging the obstacles wheth [...]
Race against your opponent in a 3-lap race as fast as you can!Player 1: (the red car) The W, A, S, D keys on your computer keyboard control the red car.The W key accelerates your c [...]
Get around each corner successfully and get to the end good luck[W] to accelerate[S] to decelerate [A] to turn left[D] to turn right[Left Mouse Button] to click buttons[Space Bar] [...]
2 player LAN racing game. 2 Player requiredW: Player 1 upwardsA: Player 1 leftS: Player 1 downwardsD: Player 1 rightI: Player 2 upwardsJ: Player 2 leftK: Player 2 downwardsL: Playe [...]
Race around the track for 5 laps. Multi-player game.Player 1 - use arrow keys to move around track.Player 2 - use WASD to move around track.
Have you ever thought of driving in the wrong lane. If yes, then you are at the right place. The rules of the game are simple.i) Make your way by avoiding the incoming vehicles. Bu [...]
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