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EnglishLangton's ant is a two-dimensional Turing machine with a very simple set of rules but complex emergent behavior. It was invented by Chris Langton in 1986 and runs on a s [...]
DescriptionThis example shows you a possibility for a zoom in/out function based on Touch & Mouse in your project.Mobile example: Android (Made with Cocoon.IO)Download the atta [...]
Shoot the squids with your mind powers. My first game using Construct and a test of its featuresarrow keys to move, mouse to click. Sorry no wasd
Source code can be downloaded here : to jump. Just like the original game.
To help kids learn alphabet! Click the circles alphabetically to win...1. Click the circles in alphabetical order to win2. Be as fast as you can- what's your high score?
Survive as long as you can! Don't forget to post your scores!WASD=MoveLeft Mouse Click=ShootMouse=AimP=PauseO=Unpause
This is an example of an project using effect to create a nice looking "dark light". THIS IS NOT A GAME, just example of what you can do using the technique of the light. [...]
A tree that pivots between the top and bottom of the layer in reaction to player movement. Invisible sprites have been placed to act as barriers. Controls are WASD.As you move behi [...]
An example of how to make a 3 slots arm bandit using the Sprite animation speed and Function plugin.Simply click the button - Download the commented capx for an explanation of how [...]
This is a very easy demonstration and tutorial for how to generate Non-repeat random numbers in construct 2 and store them into Array.It will generate 16 unrepeated numbers and sto [...]
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