Category: Education

An example of the perlin noise plugin, customizable settings perlin or simplex intensity and seed. moves infinitely to the leftPress start to go, change settings if you want
This game is a simulator I use with my students. I divide my group into four teams and prepare questions. For each correct answer, students can take an action that will be randomly [...]
This is my second Project made by following the scirra tutorials, this is more of a short finished game though. either way, make sure to have funLeft and right, arrow Keys, to move [...]
Hi! My name is Joohan! I'm a magical unicorn from Estonia!I Like marzipan and safety in internet! :3Left arrow - go backwardsRight arrow - go forwardsUpper arrow - jump
A tutorial example on how to use a WebGL shader dynamically and replace a specific color of a sprite object by another.Find the video tutorial on how to make such a project in the [...]
Ceci est un jeu de tir dans l'espace avec notre heros dans le vaisseau rouge contre plusieurs vaisseaux noirs, merciClic gauche : tirer.Les flèches : se diriger.
An asteroid clone made in less than 100 events (free edition of Construct 2) - Learn how to make this game with this tutorial.Split and destroy asteroids and survive as many waves [...]
With this tool you can cryptography some small messages using the power of Construct 2. :)Type your message using the characters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWYZ_!?,.choose the integer v [...]
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