Category: Multiplayer

Monsters should destroy the buildings... with care!Two giants monsters destroying one building while they play some kind of game similar to Jenga.Space bar Press and hold to charge [...]
My first attempt at making a game! The purple car must chase the red car, but only have 60 seconds worth of gas! This game is made for two players.Right-click[\k] Turn Purple Car c [...]
A alien looking man jumping on lots of small platforms to complete 3 levels, but be careful as there are bees trying to stop you from completing your level goalsUp arrow = JumpLeft [...]
2016 was by no means a picnic, and it's not over yet. Of course, there's always alcohol to numb the pain (drink responsibly, guys). "2016" is a simple little game [...]
Shoot and stuff, but watch out for your own bullets!WASD/Arrows - MoveSpace/Right Shift - Shoot
Space Duel is a game about duel of the space ships. Yeah, that's it. Destroy opponent's energy cores and dominate! Protect your cores, shuffle them, predict opponent's [...]
Suh Dude ,this is a bootleg of tron.I only did this for my class.Its only a 2 player gameplayer1:WASDPlayer2:Arrow keyspress spacebar to restart
Destroy the Earth like a Boss is a multiplayer crazy game. In this game you can be a god or a devil. Gods and Devils will fight for destroy the Earth. They will use a space rocket [...]
Pong but you now can move left and right (both players)!!!This is a 2 player game ONLY, NO AI to play against.[W][A][D][S] PLAYER ONEArrow keys for PLAYER TWO
Take turns pressing your colour square to roll the die, you will automatically move the number of places shown on the die. The first to land on the 100th square wins the game.In th [...]
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