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Take turns pressing your colour square to roll the die, you will automatically move the number of places shown on the die. The first to land on the 100th square wins the game.In th [...]
Entertain the crowd by destroying the other plane!Player 1 uses arrow keys and space to shoot!Player 2 uses arrow keys and C to shoot!
__________________________________________________________________________Right Arrow - Move RightLeft Arrow - Move LeftUp Arrow - JumpDown Arrow - ShootYellow Key Boxes Are Power [...]
Chat With Some Unkown People Or Known And Make Freinds! Chater Is Not Tredmarked Or Anything Like That But Please Do Not Use It In Another ProductYou Chat With Guys By Entering You [...]
this is pong._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [...]
Race the other player to 10 pelletsW= Go UpA= Go LeftS= Go DownD= Go RightCollect Pellets to Score PointsUp Arrow= Go UpLeft Arrow= Go LeftDown Arrow= Go DownRight Arrow= Go Right
[Game Jam da ER-JEDi - November 2016]Tema: Que a força esteja com você!Há muito tempo atrás, existia um reino dividido por dois reis, um dos reis era egocê [...]
Online Peer to Peer real time multiplayer game with:- Fully functional Platformer style controls and mouse aiming.- Platformer style animation control in multiplayer environment.- [...]


This is a simple game between two players. The goal is to chase and tag each other in 6 different maps. When the 200 seconds timer ends, the tagger loses. Make an advantage of the [...]
Battle against another player in helicopters, using power-ups to your advantageInstructions can be found in-game at the title screen.
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