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A simple game to test your accuracy with the mouse.Try to click on the orange ball without seeing the mouse position. It's a lot harder then it sounds.
An infinite jumper 4 my mate birthdayLeft to go left, right to go right
A space-themed pinball game which has support for both mobile and desktop.[leftArrow] - activate left flippers[rightArrow] - activate right flippers[downArrow] - shoot pinball
Bard's Magical Adventure:Fresh Start Point-Based Retro GameYou'll start as Bard (from League of Legends) going on a magical journey through Space, collection Chimes.[D] - A [...]


Its first game for lydria.Its a free sexe game and its a copy of flappy bird.Espace for "jump" and go up.
A simple and fun game for your free timeGerdi is a game that you should try to get points by collecting the balls (gerdis!) that match the color of the background and avoid the bal [...]
Mutalisk: Alien Gun Simulator DEMOToy Guns - Gun Simulator Features:- 10 ammo to test fire- high resolution graphics- realistic toy guns sounds- unlimited ammunition- ideal for kid [...]
Slomo is a very simple game anyone can pick up and play. The goal is to dodge enemies by slowing down time. By tapping and holding down the screen, the whole world slows down, exce [...]
Make Justin Bieber dodge microphones cause you know what happens when he gets his hands on amicPress any key to make Bieber fly
Small joke game, play both minigames "Stairway to heaven" and "Highway to hell" cause you know sometimes words have two meanings this game is another of my word [...]
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