Category: Shooting

This game is your typical bullet hell game, complete with boss attack patterns and one pixel hitboxes.Firmly grasp your mouse, and move it on the surface of your desk/mousepad, to [...]
You have to shoot the zombies and survive as much as possible. Move with arrow keys and survive! Its my first game. Hope you liked it. I' love any possible feedback!Arrow keys [...]
Follow me on twitter for the latest**BUG: If the items spawn like crazy -> Not sure why, but on Scirra the game has a bug. Ctrl + f5 should show t [...]
A game for you to get distracted.CONTROLS:Keyboard arrows move the characterMouse: Look and left button shootR: Reload the weapon
Exacpe from hell with a twinstick plasma rifle fueled by souls!Firing drains energy and melee attacks regains it. Game pad: Twinstick shooter, Shoot & melee on the Shoulder But [...]
Fly the plane through the cave, defeating flys and bosses! Space to flap and Z to shoot.(SPACE)flap(Z)shootAvoid Enemies
Avoid the alien's missiles using the arrow keys!arrow keys to move up, down, side to side and diagonal
Fight with enemies, 2 gamemodes:-Endless-Boss BattleW & S - Forward, BackwardA & D - Left, RightLMB - Shoot
Train your reflex with AWP SimulatorJust press LMB to shoot(Firstly hover mouse over target)
Shoot the monsters to kill them and get the highest score you can!Use the arrow keys to move, mouse to aim and left click to shoot.
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