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SHE & HE (Spring)

She and He have different abilities.They have to help each other to finish the level before the time is up.Tip:Use clovers,dragonflies,clouds,boxes and ropes to navigate through platform.How?Use your imagination and your camera :)all graphics made in Anime Studiomusic by http://www.bensound.comsong name : cute
Switch between She and He pressing 1 or 21 – SHE 2 – HE——HE—— WASD – movement i – jumpu (hold down key) – shoot camerao (hold down key) – shoot camerak (hold) – increase ropek ( after increase rope) – pick up rope—–SHE—–WASD movementI – jumpu – use clovero – use cloverk – create boxesc – pause

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