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My first game ever made ;0Not a perfect, but hope you like it! ;3Up arrow to move your "ship" up, Down arrow to move your "ship" down, Left arrow to move your & [...]
you basically have to try and get as many coins as you can before reaching the flag and moving to the next level and try not to fall into the lava or you need to restart the level, [...]
A multiplayer platform game were you have to jump about avoiding enemies.use the arrow keys to control the blue alien and for the pink alien use A for left D for right and W
boas lembranças ,ah quem tiver interessado em saber sobre esse jogo ou outros se screvam no canal do youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9czJDpIvv3wR7eSDN7_L8A?view_as=s [...]
get through the parkour to help alan get back to his spaceshipforward is jumpleft arrow key is leftright is right
Akinfenwa is on a long journey to defeat the Crabby Purple People Slime Things. He starts at the kings majestic castle and journeys all the way to the wicked space castle. There ar [...]
Adventure game about a little creature called Aki. Their mission is return to home and recover the stolen fruits. In this adventure you learn new skills, facing dangers and meeting [...]
A alien looking man jumping on lots of small platforms to complete 3 levels, but be careful as there are bees trying to stop you from completing your level goalsUp arrow = JumpLeft [...]
Need some quick AI for your platformer game?. Choose among these 6 AI packs inspired by a famous blue-robot-guy game... or even better, get them all in a bundle and save +50%!!.htt [...]
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